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Party like it’s 1984

     This week I received the various collection of policies, requirements (immunizations, police clearance, working with children clearance) and information that we need to understand and obtain/sign off on before we rock up to our first day of lectures.  At first glance it seems excessive, particularly the form that we have to sign and send back stating that we’ll treat the textbooks in the PBL room with care and are liable if any going missing.  The police and working with children clearances I can understand as they could take a bit of time getting organized and failure to meet those requirements could potentially rule you out of studying medicine.  But surely they are treating entry into their medical program with a bit too much magnitude?


     Among the plethora of stuff jammed into that A4 envelop was a stipulation that I get a letter from a GP assuring the school that I was of sound mind and body to study medicine.  Are they serious?  Lets first off state that one of the things they are looking for from the GP is an indication that I don’t have any serious disability that would impair my ability to practice medicine or any blood-borne virus which could represent a danger for those I might treat.  That’s a bit harsh, but I can understand where they are coming from.  You couldn’t have someone prone to epileptic fits performing neural surgery, but that’s not to say they wouldn’t make a fine GP.  I’d hate to have taken from me the chance to study medicine because of a genetically inherited condition, and I would hope that the people making these calls don’t rule a person out entirely due to such an example. 


     Also of interest is this tidbit warning us of behaviour such as… “dishonesty, unacceptable aggression or abusive behaviour, harassment, unethical and criminal behaviour….This could also include inappropriate response to stress..”  The policy goes on to describe the process of what happens if we get reported for any poor behaviour and the short of it is that it gets taken to the Dean and he makes a call as to if you have to go remedial activities (i.e. see a shrink) or go to a review committee and present our case. 


     Now, I’m not the sort of person that gets too worried easily, but upon doing a bit more reading I discover that tutors, PBL leaders, academics, staff and even my pet chili plant are all supposed to be actively monitoring us and reporting us to Big Brother if we step out of line.  I can’t claim to be a saint but I consider myself a decent person.  However I can think of times this year I’ve been guilty of every one of the behaviors they warn against committing.  For example, currently I’m harassing the guy at work who won’t wash his hands after taking a crap.  He thinks the taps in the communal bathrooms have more germs on them then his hands, post-dump, and hence handles two doors that the rest of the staff use frequently to get to a basin he considers clean enough to wipe the poo off his fingers.  One of these doors is the main door to our staff room that we all have to go through at least 10 plus times each day.  I’ve tried talking to him about it but he’s stubborn and thinks because he worked in a pathology lab 10 years ago for a few years that he knows all about germs.  So I’ve launched a systematic campaign to force him into line.


     I told all my other colleagues (8 females) that this is going on to try and shame him and it worked for a while, however he’s fallen back to his brown ways.  So I’ve lost patience with him (this has been going on near 2 years now) and I regularly abuse him, harass him and generally take my bad mood out on him.  As I write this I’m wondering if perhaps I’m delusional in thinking I’m an ok person?  Comments?


     Back on topic.  I can easily see myself getting annoyed with someone during the course of studying medicine and perhaps doing something that might be construed as one of the many “no-no’s”.  Does this mean I have to be on my best behaviour for fear of being reported for the slightest erroneous gesture?  Will medicine be some sort of conformist police state?

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”


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First post!

     As the alias suggests, I am a med student (starting next year, 2 months to go) and I’ve been trying to get myself into medicine for a long time.  I decided sometime after school that it was what I wanted to do for a wide variety of motivations but for many reasons it took me too long to get there.  I won’t go into those reasons now as I want this first blog to be short and to the point.


     After I found out I was accepted I started scouring the net for information about studying medicine, I was so hungry for a taste of what it would be like.  I found a great community in the form of the Paging Doctor forums which bursts from the seams with all things medicine.  However, I quickly exhausted this avenue due to my excessive excitement and unchallenging fulltime job which allows me to do anything but work during the semester break.  Eventually I discovered blogs written by medical students.  I read some really good ones but what I noticed was that they wrote very little from the time they sat GAMSAT (the Australian exam that medical schools use here to determine who they give interviews to), through to the first day of medicine.  So that’s what prompted me to write a blog (and that a friend had started one a few weeks ago and I’d just finished reading hers). 


     The idea will be to post regularly from now to the completion of medicine.  A sort of blow by blow account from what it was like to persevere through the hard slog that is GAMSAT up unto graduation from medicine.  So I’m going to start blogging about what led me to apply for medicine first while at the same time writing about this period before starting studying first.


     This is my first blog and my first post.  I don’t profess to be a great writer possessing immense wit, clever insight or even rudimentary grammar.  What does qualify me to write a blog is that I’m a geek, whiny and bored.  If you’re reading this because you want to be entertained, look elsewhere, as it is I can barely keep myself amused.  So here goes…

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