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     As the alias suggests, I am a med student (starting next year, 2 months to go) and I’ve been trying to get myself into medicine for a long time.  I decided sometime after school that it was what I wanted to do for a wide variety of motivations but for many reasons it took me too long to get there.  I won’t go into those reasons now as I want this first blog to be short and to the point.


     After I found out I was accepted I started scouring the net for information about studying medicine, I was so hungry for a taste of what it would be like.  I found a great community in the form of the Paging Doctor forums which bursts from the seams with all things medicine.  However, I quickly exhausted this avenue due to my excessive excitement and unchallenging fulltime job which allows me to do anything but work during the semester break.  Eventually I discovered blogs written by medical students.  I read some really good ones but what I noticed was that they wrote very little from the time they sat GAMSAT (the Australian exam that medical schools use here to determine who they give interviews to), through to the first day of medicine.  So that’s what prompted me to write a blog (and that a friend had started one a few weeks ago and I’d just finished reading hers). 


     The idea will be to post regularly from now to the completion of medicine.  A sort of blow by blow account from what it was like to persevere through the hard slog that is GAMSAT up unto graduation from medicine.  So I’m going to start blogging about what led me to apply for medicine first while at the same time writing about this period before starting studying first.


     This is my first blog and my first post.  I don’t profess to be a great writer possessing immense wit, clever insight or even rudimentary grammar.  What does qualify me to write a blog is that I’m a geek, whiny and bored.  If you’re reading this because you want to be entertained, look elsewhere, as it is I can barely keep myself amused.  So here goes…


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