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Getting organised

     There is less then two months until I rock up for my first day of medicine.  I’m extremely happy and excited.  It can’t be stated any simpler then that.  However there are a lot of things that need to be done before I can start.  Even more considering I’m moving across the country to study with no friends, family or financial support there waiting for me.  So I’ve decided to get cracking.


     To start with I’m doing my senior first aid certificate on the weekend.  It’s a two day course, 8 hours per day and I have to have it before I can start medicine.  It sucks to lose my weekend for this, especially as I’m under the impression that whatever the hospitals teach will quickly supersede our first aid training.  


     I’ve also applied for a job across the country, one that I’m probably over qualified for, though I haven’t had specific experience in this area.  I have a phone interview on Monday and I really hope I get it.  It’s part time working 6pm – 10pm a few nights a week.  It would really suit me and take some of the pressure off trying to get the RAMAS scholarship (which I’ve little chance of getting since I barely qualify and they give them out depending on how rural your upbringing has been). 


     Tomorrow is the day to tell my boss that I’m quitting in January.  I’ve put it off for so long because I’m unsure when I will be leaving and don’t want to miss out on any easy money by setting a date and realizing that I could’ve worked a bit longer.  I’ll be as vague as I can in regards to the date so hopefully she won’t try and pin me down to a day.  It feels good that I’m quitting.  I doubt I could’ve worked another year there.  The working relationships I have with some of the staff are deteriorating and there is always some sort of drama happening that I find myself getting drawn into.


     Other things requiring attention are; booking a mover to lug my stuff over to my new state of residence, switching to a cheaper phone plan, vaccinations (gulp), police clearance to work in a hospital, multiple trips to the doctor, finding a short term place to live and numerous other stuff.  To top it off I’ve been laid low with a chest infection (the type that generally lingers with me for months) and all I want to do is eat pancakes, play football and generally procrastinate. 


     Still for all my complaints, it’s so nice to finally be at ease with myself about how my life is going.  I’ve beaten myself up for years over my failure to get into medicine.  I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy holidays or even spare time as in the back of my mind was a little voice making me feel guilty that I was wasting time that could be spent studying.  I know medicine is a hard long slog and that sort of guilt is going to return.  I wonder if I’ll ever feel as relaxed as I do now?


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